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UIC Car Numbering Scheme

The links below will take you to a series of four articles I wrote for the European Train Enthusiasts' quarterly publication, EXPRESS. The articles are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

These articles Copyright ©2001 by Blaine Bachman. You may download these articles for your personal use and research. You may also make paper copies and distribute them to other individuals providing that the article is copied in its entirety, including the byline and bibliography, and no fee is charged (except for nominal costs of reproduction).

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European Freight Car Numbering - A reasonable attempt at describing the unified freight car numbering system at two points in time: prior to 1 January 1980, and at the end of the 20th Century

European Passenger Car Numbering - The schema for numbering passenger cars is similar to the Freight Car scheme, differing only where necessary to accommodate the unique information needed to effectively manage the fleet

European Freight Car Markings - The explanation for the other standard markings that are found on freight wagons in international service

European Freight Car Types - Deciphering the group of letters (like Shkkms) that describe each car type.

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