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Swiss RAe TEE in original 5-unit consist

Swiss Locos, on the old SLF

An Re 4/4I in TEE paint muscles a train of EWII cars up the grade to the Toce River Viaduct. At the far side of the stone bridge, the track disappears into a tunnel blasted in the sheer rock face.

Low in the sky, the bright winter sun frames a De 4/4 in its own shadow. The train is crossing the Toce River Viaduct and is about to pass into the darkness of the first Toce Spiral tunnel. The engine is a Kato-built model originally designed for Hobbytrain of Austria.

Providing Trans Europe Express service between Milan and Zurich, this RAe II detours from its usual Gottard itinerary onto SLF rails. Mounting four pantographs and equipped with sophisticated electronics, this electric multiple unit set is capable of operating under the catenary of several differing systems. The model was made by Kato for Hobbytrain several years ago and is no longer available.

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