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Swiss RAe TEE in original 5-unit consist

Steve Prince's N Scale Modeling

Back in January of 1990 I had the opportunity to visit the San Francisco Bay area on business and was able to meet up with fellow ETEer Paul Ingraham. One of the highlights of those few days was attending a Bay Area ETE get-together at the home of a fellow who had done some eye-catching Swiss modeling in N. Here's a section of a long two-track diorama built by this ETE member. I had forgotten this modeler's name, but more than a decade later he ran across this web page and reintroduced himself; great modelling, Steve!

Paul and I began our friendship while I was living in Alaska. Besides having an interest in European trains, Paul was also an avid intermodal modeler and contacted me because he was looking for photos of old Alaska Railroad piggy-back trailers. I never did find any living examples of what he was looking for! Anyway, here's another shot of the mainline diorama with a head-on view of a Hobbytrain/Kato Re 6/6. Since the scene did not have a scale background, I vignetted these photos to disguise the other things in the room.

Paul was the founder of INTERAIL which was both a company and an organization. The company made the first modern well car sets in N scale as well as container kits and truck container chassis (now available from Deluxe). As founder of the Interail Organization, Paul developed and promulgated standards for freeform modules. The idea had some limited success in California, but this flexible approach has only just come into its own courtesy of similar ideas like "OneTrak" and "BendTrak". Though he is no longer actively involved in the hobby, Paul truly was ahead of his time!

Here's another photo of the yard on this layout. Steve's Train Safe system included a handy 'loading' track where he could attach the Train Safe storage tube and run trains on to or off of the layout. This interface is just out of view in the foreground of this picture. The system is really neat, but quite expensive - last time I checked the cost came out to about $20 per foot!

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