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Italian E444 "Tartaruga" with UIC-X Coaches and Wagons-Lits Pullman

Simplon Tunnel Centennial Gallery

Simplon Centenary Commemorative items sent to me by my fine friends in Europe.

The first items were sent by Fabrizio Sesana of Milano. Fabrizio was fortunate to have been able to take a weekend trip to Brig (at the North Portal) the weekend of the big centennial festivities. He sent me this hand-cancelled envelope with a hand-cancelled reproduction post card and note inside.

I found this post card on eBay It's a 'First Day cover of Italy's Simplon Tunnel commemorative postage stamp.

These next items were sent by Massimo Di Giulio of Lecce. Massimo is an accomplished N Scale Modeller and chess master. During the Simplon Centennial he happened to be in Torino officiating at a big chess tournament. He took the time to travel north to Domodossola and obtain the following items.

A booklet, "Il Sempione in Mostra," that describes the several displays of tunnel-related art and collectables one could visit in Domodossola during the festivities.

A pamphlet containing a brief history of the construction of the tunnel.

A post card featuring a reproduction of one of the 1906 Simplon posters.

A book, "Il Sempione Ferroviario 1906-2006," giving a detailed history of the tunnel, the connecting rail lines, and even the historical perspective of the Simplon Pass as an route of international commerce going back centuries.

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