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Italian E444 with a Spanish Talgo train

Model Railroaders have been designing and exchanging passes for decades. Here are a couple of cardstock passes I received in the past:

The advent of the Internet has changed the way some of us engage in this aspect of the hobby.

Here's a sample of my new SLF e-pass to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the construction of the Simplon Tunnel:

Click on the SLF Pass to exchange a pass with me.

Here's John Whitby's Sustenbahn e-pass:

Now that John has dismantled his layout for a move and a redesign, here's his new pass:

Robert Ray's:

Muhammad-Farouk S. Tan's Jolo Coastal Railroad:

The North River Railway Company e-pass from Bob Van Cleef, MMR:

San Diego Model Railroad Club:

Dave Inman's Island Pacific Railroad:

Patrick Tassignon's DGRR:

Leon Honings' Chimera Gorge Western RR:

Fabrizio Sesana's Ciosbahn Schweiz:

Henrik Nordin's LoztalBahn:

Karl Rothery's Waldovia State Railways:

Shaun McCann's SMRP:

Chuck Batherson's Blue Ridge & White Mountain:

Arthur Pennington's M-K-T RR McKinney Subdivision:

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