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NEM Standards

For many years, the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) has promulgated standards to allow for the easy interchange of models of North American equipment regardless of the manufacturer. For European modelers, MOROP performs a similar function with their Normen Europäischer Modellbahnen (NEM) or European Model Railroad Standards.

The NEM standards are "official" in their original German and French. Beginning with my translation attempts, MOROP is now making the standards available in English.

Download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

Some of the notations are incorporated as graphics and could not be substituted by English words. Here's a glossary:
  • Arbeitsbereich = Working Range
  • Größte Seitenabweichung = Maximum Lateral Shift (zig-zag)
  • Höchste Lage (Arbeitslage) = Highest Position
  • Kontur bei Gleisbogen = Contour on Curves
  • Maßtabelle = Table of Dimensions
  • Nenngröße = Scale
  • Normallage (Normalarbeitslage) = Normal Position
  • Nutzbare Schleifbreite = Pantograph Collector Width
  • Radius des Gleisbogens = Curve Radius
  • Tiefste Lage (Arbeitslage) = Lowest Position
  • Wippenbreite = Pantograph Overall Width

Here then are the Norms available in English; some open the file from MOROP's own site in a new window; others (displayed in this pane) are my latest translations that are as yet not posted by the organization:

  • NEM 010 Ratio, Scale and Gauge
  • NEM 102 Track Clearance Diagram for Straight Track
  • NEM 103 Track Clearance Diagram for Curved Track
  • NEM 105 Tunnel Profiles for Standard Gauge
  • NEM 111 Track Curvature
  • NEM 112 Track Spacing
  • NEM 113 Easements
  • NEM 114 Superelevation in Curves
  • NEM 120 Rail Profiles and Connectors
  • NEM 121 Cog Railroads
  • NEM 122 Roadbed Profile for Standard Gauge
  • NEM 201 Contact Wire Position
  • NEM 202 Pantograph for Overhead Line Operation
  • NEM 301 Rolling Stock Dimensions
  • NEM 302 Rolling Stock Weight
  • NEM 303 Rolling Stock Buffers
  • NEM 304 Rolling Stock Diaphragms
  • NEM 310 Wheelset and Track Compatibility
  • NEM 311 Wheel Profile
  • NEM 311-1 Wheel Profile – Finescale
  • NEM 351 Couplers
  • NEM 352 Short Coupling Devices
  • NEM 624 Electrical Parameters. Wheelset
  • NEM 800 Railway Epochs
  • NEM 814I Epoche Ferroviarie in Italia

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