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Italian E636 with a freight train

Italian Locos, on the old SLF

One of my early attempts at kitbashing is seen in this Gr. 746 built from a Rivarossi US light Mikado. Barely passable, this loco should really have a straight boiler. A few other steamers are on the roster including an 0-C-0 switcher modified from a Minitrix T3 and a Gr.473 and Gr.897 which, like the real ones, started out life on the Royal Prussian Railways.

Here, at the throat of the Formazza station, articulated E646 Italian electric passes under the signal bridge and past the electric substation on its way south toward Domodossola. Sharp observers will note the total lack of overhead catenary. Alas, this important feature has been postponed until the construction of the new SLF.

I built the locomotive from parts furnished by my friend, Claudio Cestaro, who is a custom builder of N scale locos in Italy.

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