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ETR 250 "Arlecchino" - from Sebastian Ledesma's Europa en Tren Page
I don't necessarily agree with Sebastian's politics, though!

Plaque I received from ASN during my visit to Italy - Grazie, Amici!


Tradurre automaticamente questo sito in Italiano

(ma non perfettamente, eh!)

Grab some great Eurotrain GIFs!
...from Sebastian Ledesma...
...from Brian Clough...

Visit an outstanding Swiss N Layout in the U.K........and Fabrizio Sesana's CIOSBAHN (under construction) in Italy.

Visit what might just be the best Italian prototype N Scale module ever!

See dozens of great Euro Railway photos and videos at Maurizio Tolini's TG-Trains Photo Site!

Visit Christophe Beuret's ChambrelieN Layout - another N Scale Swiss masterpiece!

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